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At its inception, the present work was to consist of testing a number of halogenated organic compounds for sensitivity to radiation. Some of the compounds which showed a relatively high sensitivity to radiation were to be investigated more thoroughly with a view toward a) the development of a sensitive radiation detection device and b) elucidation of the reactions involved in the radiolytic decomposition of the compounds. Some screening had already been done and several systems involving chloroform, bromoform and carbon tetrachloride had been investigated and their results reported. The experiments on the chloroform- and bromoform- crystal violet systems showed a higher quantum yield for the bromoform. This higher value might indicate that the lower energy of the carbon-bromine bond is reflected in the sensitivity of the bromoform-crystal violet system to radiation.

A study of the compounds intermediate between bromoform and chloroform was undertaken in an attempt to throw some light on the relation of radiation sensitivity to composition and structure of these compounds.

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Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, Sandia Corporation



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Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

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