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The author is greatly indebted to the Inhalation Toxicology Research Institute, Lovelace Foundation for Medical Education and Research for af­fording the opportunity to undertake this study. Research was performed under U. S. Atomic Energy Commission Contract AT (29-2) -1013. Particular gratitude is given to Drs. Roger O. McClellan and David L. Lundgren without whose advice, help and encouragement this endeavor would not have been accomplished. Further appreciation is given to Drs. Paul H. Silverman, Ronda F. Cooper and the late John W, Beakley, members of my graduate committee; Ann C. Ferris, Katherine R. Baca and Mildred B. organ for their assist­ance in the preliminary and final preparation of this thesis; Drs. Robert K 􀀉 Jones and Stephen A, Benjamin, Department of Pathobiology for their com­ments and suggestions. Finally, the assistance of Mildred L. DeLand; George J. Newton and Jerry E. Bennick, Department of Aerosol Physics; Daniel A. Talley, Depart­ment of Health Physics; Jack B, Nash and Virginia V. Sanchez, Department of Pathobiology; William C. Griffith and Alfred J. Abeyta, Department of Radiobiology; Fred C. Rupprecht, Technical Editor; Emerson E. Goff, Medical Illustrator; John S. Salazar and George C, Donaldson, Department of Veterinary Medicine; and Members of the Medical Library Staff, Love- lace Foundation, is gratefully acknowledged.



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UNM Biology Department

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Paul Hyman Silverman

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Ronda F. Cooper

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David Lee Lundgren

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Roger Orville McClellan

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