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The relative times involved in the various phases of cell division is basic to problems of tissue growth, but the quantitative relation of mitotic and intermitotic times have received very little attention until recently. Even data on the quantitative comparison of mammalian growth rates are very limited. The rate of growth of any tissue is directly proportional to the number of new cells added to the tissue over and above the number of old cells being constantly destroyed.

The present study was undertaken: (1) to determine which of these two factors is responsible for differences in the mitotic index seen in various tissues; (2) to compare these times for two different groups of animals, namely mice and rats; (3) to compare the time components of the mitotic process of neoplastic (cancerous) and normal tissue cells; (4) to compare quantitatively the rate of cellular proliferation in various normal and neoplastic tissues; and (5) to determine whether or not the radiomimetic drug, methyl bis(beta-chloroethyl) amine hydro-chloride, (HN2), a nitrogen mustard, has the same effect as x-ray on mitosis and whether it could be substituted for x-ray in determining the mitotic time.



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