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In this thesis I discuss important goals that occupy my attention as a visual artist. Included with the written material are slides of creative work I have done this semester.

I characterize my work as a kind that exhibits intense human emotions (hatred, violence, depression, etc.), and I make reference to other artist such as Bosh, Beckmann, and various “primitives” who have had similar concerns. Through-out the paper I make clear that it is my intention to visualize various aspects of the human condition, through a personal, figurative art. The human figure is the fundamental subject around which the thematic basis of my work revolves.

There is a brief discussion, in the thesis introduction, relating to the role techniques play in my creative process. Etching, drawing, and painting are all methods through which my work is made. I shift freely from one to another depending on which direction I wish to carry formal concepts; by formal I mean to imply the problems I deal with in the application of line, form, black and white, and color.

I have concentrated on my philosophy in making art, and have set forth what is essentially a creative credo in thesis form. Not all of what is stated here within will be of permanent concern to me, but for the moment I am strongly committed to much of the presented information, especially that which emphasizes the exploration of hidden emotions in the psychology of man.



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