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Identification of man-made hazards is an initial step in planning recommendations for mitigation of man-made hazards. This project entailed a participatory process that engaged the local community in identifying man-made hazards specific to Aneth. The man-made hazards have challenged the community in managing potential damages, physical, environmental and economic losses due to pollution and contamination from man-made hazards. The development of this professional project has revealed some pathways to environmental protection for the Aneth Chapter, which could be the first Navajo Nation Chapter to move towards the development of a plan for mitigation of man-made hazards based upon the identification of the hazards. To realize the local potential, the analysis and recommendations through this project affords numerous points of reference for consideration, planning, and action.



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Community and Regional Planning

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School of Architecture and Planning

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Jojola, Theodore

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Fleming, William

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Henkel, David Jr


Man-made hazards, Aneth Chapter

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