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This thesis is a master plan for the Thousand Islands Shipyard Museum in Clayton, New York. The museum is a young and fairly small freshwater antique boat museum, the only one of its kind in the country dealing specifically with small boats. The thesis is divided into two distinct parts which are classified as books. Book One involves the research and analysis that is the basis for the master plan itself. It deals with both the Village of Clayton, the macro environment, and the Shipyard Museum, the micro environment. Book One, Research and Analysis, is incorporated into the thesis to show the data base and to be of use to interested parties, but is not intended for public distribution. Parts of Book One serve to show the effects of the museum's growth on the surrounding environment and other related areas. The museum may wish to use individual sections or chapters of Book One for different uses, so for this reason there is often a duplication of information. Book Two, the master plan itself, is for the use of the museum directors as they see fit. It is designed to be understood by the majority of the readers, whether they be museum administrators, laborers, donors, fund raisers, or anyone else who might be interested. The master plan will cover all facets of projected use and growth of the museum and will not be necessarily limited to architectural details, but will cover such topics as physical property use, social and political aspects of growth, education, operations, economic variables, etc. It is hoped that the master plan can be useful to the museum for many years as a planning aid, as a basis for fund raising, and as a resource for data about the museum's current and future use.



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