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The purpose of this thesis is the study of union buildings on college and university campuses from the architectural point of view. The final objective is to arrive at a set of guidelines to facilitate union design for planners and architects.


The study is limited to union buildings themselves, with a small amount of additional comments on the problem of campus planning. While architectural considerations are the focus of the study, exact architectural details are not; the main thrust is on functional requirements.


Three methods are used to arrive at the guidelines: (1) a variety of questionnaire-type surveys are analyzed; (2) a number of buildings are examined as case studies; and (3) some expert opinion is used, where necessary. The guidelines are drawn from this raw data.

Areas of Study

To come to complete conclusion about union design, the following areas or topics are discussed: (1) site planning, including some notes on campus planning in general, and site developement; (2) the functional requirements for a successful union, including the type of activities that should be scheduled; and (3) the physical plant layout, to the extent that guidelines in this area would be almost universal in application. In addition, introductory comments are included which cover the union's history, growth patterns, and other relevant items. In all, some twenty major points are formulated as guidelines, ranging from site location to activities to building furnishings. Although they are hot applicable to every situation, the guidelines are intended as a general standard for union design.


While each guideline is backed up with enough evidence to indicate its correctness, the final proof is in the form of an application of the rules to a specific building (in this case, the UNI union) with the understanding that a successful building 'proves' the guidelines, and the converse.



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