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The need for subsidized housing is a growing problem in both the United States and Albuquerque, New Mexico. This study was based on the assumption that any attempt to meet the need should be based on consumer-oriented housing research. A large sample of residents from three Turnkey III housing projects in Albuquerque were interviewed to gain an understanding of their major housing objectives and to compare site planning at the three sites. A brief summary of the results of this introductory study were as follows:

-respondents had a strong identification with specific areas of the city which influenced their preferences for housing location

-respondents had conservative tastes in architectural style and preferred homes which blended into the surrounding neighborhood

-site planning of subsidized housing should emphasize secure territory to allow a resident control over social interaction

The results seemed to reinforce the theoretical position that security (physical, economic, and psychological) is the prime objective of the local low income housing user and should be the basis of a subsidized housing program.



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