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In this paper only the most obvious and more easily distinguished categories of North American armor are described, all of which have been recognized by previous authors. These armor categories are plate armor, slat armor, rod armor, hide armor of both tunic and short jacket types, and curtain shields...

The format of the text to come will consist first of a brief presentation of the present status of the problem by critically reviewing the work of previous investigators on this subject. Following this will appear a statement concerning the sources of data for this particular study, method of procedure, and treatment of the findings. The main text will consider Alaskan plate armor, slat, rod, and hide armor in western North America, and eastern rod armor in that order. Distribution tables, some supplemented by maps, will be presented for plat, rod, and slat armors; hide tunic and jacket armors; belt armor; the curtain shield; local armor not of rod or hide construction; helmets and visors; arm, leg, and kilt armor; and the use of an adhesive with sand and gravel to fortify armor. A summary chapter will briefly review the conclusions of the previous chapters in defense of the proposition that North America possessed essentially three separate areas of armor usage. An appendix will present a tabulation of the data from which the distribution tables were constructed.

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