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Spring 5-1-1956


Since publication of the first report on the Folsom site in 1927 much has been written on the subject of Folsom and other fluted points. There is, however, no current synthetic of information on fluted points. This paper is an attempt to synthesize the existing data on this subject. An effort will be made to show the significance of fluted points and their place in North American archaeology. Previous efforts dealing with this subject will be discussed with emphasis on terminology used, typologies established, and distribution studies made. Criteria for establishing types of fluted points with be discussed. Published and unpublished material on the principle archaeological sites where fluted points have been found will be considered. Current typologies of fluted points will be reevaluated. New fluted point types will be suggested and tentative distributions for these and for existing types are given. Fluted point tool complexes will be compared and contrasted, and their antiquity will be investigated.


Fluted Points, North America, Folsom Points, Sandia Points, Clovis Fluted Points

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UNM Department of Anthropology

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Florence Hawley Ellis

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Willard Williams Hill

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Harry Wetherald Basehart