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In the arid Southwest, snowpack in mountains plays an essential role in supplying surface water resources throughout the year. This research project uses several methods of statistical analysis to conduct a characterization of snowpack data in the Chuska Mountains and to compare snowpack data of the snow survey sites in the Chuska Mountains to one another and to other regional snow survey sites. Results from this research will provide the Navajo Nation Department of Water Resources information to help determine if any snow survey sites in the Chuska Mountains are redundant and can be discontinued to save time and money, while still providing snowpack information needed by the Navajo Nation. This research project will also provide the tribe with a summary of snowpack patterns, variability and trends in the Chuska Mountains.

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Snow--Chuska Mountains (Ariz. and N.M.)--Measurement--Statistical methods., Snow surveys--Chuska Mountains (Ariz. and N.M.), Water-supply--Navajo Nation, Arizona, New Mexico & Utah--Planning.


Professional Project Report in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Water Resources, Water Resources Program, University of New Mexico