Water Resources Professional Project Reports

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The State of New Mexico is in the process of developing a 2015 Water Plan. Water resource planners, managers, and other stakeholders are looking to the internet for pertinent information to aid in the planning process. However, a multitude of stakeholders historically lack a voice to participate in the wide array of water-sharing agreements. Through internet communication, government agencies and non-governmental organizations can utilize their websites to communicate, negotiate, and collaborate with stakeholders. This study applies Senecah's Trinity of Voice Theory (2004) as the basis to evaluate access to information on websites through website performance usability and design to promote information transparency; standing through online educational components to promote stakeholder participation; and influence through community outreach call to action to promote stakeholder collaboration. A practical tool, in the form of a website score card, was designed for evaluating water resource websites. Thirty-one of New Mexico's leading water resource websites were analyzed, evaluated, and ultimately scored using the A-F grading system. The websites were assessed based on the provision of information and the quality of education and community outreach offered to New Mexico stakeholders affected by complex water issues. The results of this study can be used for the analysis and improvement of the websites assessed; the scoring tool itself can be used for future evaluation and improvement of web-based communications within the water resource community.

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Water resources development--Government policy-- New Mexico--Planning., Water resources development--New Mexico--Data processing., Internet in public administration--New Mexico., Internet research--New Mexico., Transparency in government--New Mexico., Internet activism--New Mexico.


A professional project report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Water Resources, Water Resources Program, University of New Mexico.