Coral Pitkin Oral History Video Interview


Coral Pitkin Oral History Video Interview


Coral Pitkin’s Labor story begins with her quest to become a midwife. In the late 1970s, Pitkin started working at Holy Cross Hospital in Taos NM as an LPN and a midwife apprentice. In 1978, Pitkin also took on the job of Union President of the Nurses Union Local – Professional Performance Association at the Hospital. Describing the difficult working conditions as well as the bleak terms of employment, Pitkin and the other Union nurses at Holy Cross took a stand and won on a challenge to the Hospital Board to improve pay, benefits, and working conditions. Pitkin provides a snapshot of health care and health care workers’ lives in the 1970s and 1980s in a rural New Mexico hospital.

Labor Involvement

LPN, Registered Nurse RN, Certified Nurse Practitioner CNP, President of Nurses’ Union – Professional Performance Associates at Holy Cross Hospital in Taos NM

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Nurses’ Union – Professional Performance Association, Holy Cross Hospital, Midwife apprentice in Velarde NM, Midwife licensing 1976-78, LPN at Albuquerque TV-I (Technical Vocational Institute), Edie Anderson (Director of Nurses), Nursing Associate degrees at Luna Vocational Technical Institute in Las Vegas NM, contract negotiations, Policy and Procedures P&Ps, Infectious control nurse, JCAHO accreditation, OSHA, NM NLRB (National Labor Relations Board), Tish Demmin (Northern New Mexico Midwifery Center). PRN (pro re nata) nurse St. Joseph’s Hospital Albuquerque NM.


Labor History


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Coral Pitkin Oral History Video Interview