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Dianne Harris Oral History Interview


Dianne Harris Oral History Interview

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Dianne Harris started her career in radio early in the development of FM stations. She was the first woman radio host on the air in Oklahoma City. Harris went on to broadcast for NPR delving into the controversial issues of the times at Pacifica Radio (Vietnam War, student protests). Harris was hired by Henry Nicholas (President of the National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees 1199 ) as a Staff Representative to service Union contracts. In 1990, Harris worked in Albuquerque with nurses in the bargaining unit at the University of New Mexico Hospital as well as with respiratory and radiology therapists seeking to join the Union. For the next 18 years, Harris continued working with 1199 bargaining units throughout New Mexico (Santa Fe, Taos, Albuquerque) on various initiatives for improving staffing and safety in hospitals as well as holding management accountable to staff and patients.

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District 1199 NM Hospital and Health Care Workers Union, better working conditions and pay, contract negotiation, violation of rights, Negotiations, internal organizing, Labor organizing, George Meany National Labor College, Sharon Argenbright, Fonda Osborne, pro-worker, workplace rights.


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Dianne Harris Oral History Interview