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Sam Baca Oral History Interview


Sam Baca Oral History Interview

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Sam Baca grew up in Santa Fe NM and started college at the University of Michigan in 1970. In 1973, the United Farmworkers of America (UFWA) launched a nationwide boycott in the 20 largest grape markets in the US. Politicized by the success of the Farmworkers’ first boycott, Baca directed the Detroit boycott along with his classmate, Arturo Rodriguez (current President of UFWA). Using community organizing tactics to build support for the boycott, organizers held house meetings and grocery picket lines to build the movement. Baca and his family’s personal connection to Cesar Chavez (UFWA leader) and Chavez’s family provide a powerful history of the UFWA Labor story.

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Democratic Party in Santa Fe NM, Arturo Rodriguez, Eliseo Medina, Detroit boycott, Fred Ross and the California CSO, Saul Alinsky and community organizing, Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, Richard Chavez, Antonio Martinez (Santa Fe), UAW Union locals, Agricultural Labor Relations Act (1975), Governor Jerry Brown (1970s), Teamsters, Agribusiness, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Santa Fe, Cornerstone Community Partnerships, Prop 14 (California).


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Sam Baca Oral History Interview