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Stanley Rosebud Rosen Oral History Interview


Stanley Rosebud Rosen Oral History Interview

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Stanley Rosen talks about his work as a Labor Educator teaching classes at various universities (Rutgers, University of Illinois) as well as with a diversity of Unions (CWA, Textile Workers) over his 35 year career. During that time, Rosen worked with unions that faced plant shutdowns and taught classes in union democracy, worker empowerment, and unions as a part of political movements. Rosen participated in Labor for Peace in Vietnam. He acted as co-director of the Legislative Institute in Washington DC. Rosen conducted a number of oral Labor History projects including one focused on Jewish Radicals.

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Labor Education; Unions; Jewish consciousness; political consciousness; communism; democratic socialism; workers' rights; worker empowerment; union reform; union organizing


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Stanley Rosebud Rosen Oral History Interview