Introduction: The novel Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID-19) identified in December 2019 and the associated pandemic has temporarily changed the way that we conduct medicine, allocate resources, and educate resident and fellows. The present investigation is a summary of The University of New Mexico clinical experience managing the sudden surge of critical patients, personal protective equipment management (PPE), and resident education. Methods: We evaluated and analyzed the data related to the COVID-19 pandemic patient load and management in New Mexico, the formation of teams to protect the providers from simultaneous exposure, the resident experience, the PPE management, and the change in trauma load due to social distancing. Results: The timeline of infection was as expected, with the slowing of infection as social distancing measures increased. The hospital census and availability of intensive care unit (ICU) beds to care for COVID-19 patients was maximized, and the management of this situation was immediate and effective with conversion of hospital floors to non-COVID ICUs. The trauma census decreased during this time as compared to the same time period the year prior. The resident experience in education continued to be positive with zoom patient sign out and continued education conference with faculty members. There was a considerable emphasis shift towards provider wellness and safety. Conclusion: The COVID-19 pandemic will leave long lasting effects in the way we educate, manage patient care, and utilize resources. The experience, albeit difficult with significant negative impacts, will likely lead to improvement in the way we conduct ourselves in the various aspects of medical care and training.

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