Background: The authors present a novel technical strategy in preoperative planning for templating total hip arthroplasty (THA), which involves the intraoperative measurement of the native femoral head as a guide for component sizing at different preoperative templating magnifications. Methods: Sixty-nine hips were templated using a magnification of 105.0%, 110.0%, and 115.0%. The native femoral head size was then measured intraoperatively and matched to the correlated head size at the specified preoperative templated magnification. Based on the specified magnification, the corresponding implants were then used as a starting point for component placement. Results: The authors found that measurement of the femoral head intraoperatively corresponded most with a preoperative templated magnification of 110.0% (n = 35) followed by 115.0% (n = 24) and 105.0% (n = 10). The frequency of predicting component sizing within ±1 for the acetabular cup, neck, and stem components was 98.0%, 92.5%, and 98.0%, respectively. Conclusion: This method of preoperative templating with different magnifications could enhance accuracy of THA templating and may be a more reliable method when compared to conventional templating techniques.



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