William J. Koster Field Journals

12 August 1939 COLFAX County Specimen Collection Data

W.J. Koster
L.R. Koster
P. Bretney


Specimen collected 12 August 1939. Original Locality: Cimarron River at Spinger. Elev. 1700-1800m Locality: Cimarron River, off NM State HWY 21 at Spinger.Catalog number: MSB522; Taxa: Rhinichthys cataractae; Common name: longnose dace; Count of specimens: 441; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB609; Taxa: Pimephales promelas; Common name: fathead minnow; Count of specimens: 496; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB760; Taxa: Phenacobius mirabilis; Common name: suckermouth minnow; Count of specimens: 14; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB1021; Taxa: Semotilus atromaculatus; Common name: creek chub; Count of specimens: 907; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB1179; Taxa: Platygobio gracilis; Common name: flathead chub; Count of specimens: ; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB1357; Taxa: Cyprinella lutrensis; Common name: red shiner; Count of specimens: 12; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB1484; Taxa: Campostoma anomalum; Common name: central stoneroller; Count of specimens: 557; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB2143; Taxa: Catostomus commersonii; Common name: white sucker; Count of specimens: 495; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB2716; Taxa: Fundulus zebrinus; Common name: plains killifish; Count of specimens: 18; Standard length: