2 On the Cover: Hermit Peak y Dennis Maloney

4 Insights from your President

5 Joanne’s Jottings

2. 6-9. 18 Trail News

10-18 Very Little System or Con-sistency: Making Sense of Contraband Cases in the Late 1820s and their Disappearance by Matthew Saionz

19-23 Hell on Wheels Railhead Towns: Kit Carson and Granada by Dr. Michael Olsen

24-26 Lessons Learned on "The Road to Santa Fe" by Dave Kendall

27 Book Review: The Santa Fe Trail: A Twentieth Century Excursion, by Margaret Scholz Sears, reviewed by Mary Burchill.

Book Launch: Santa Fe’s Fonda, The Story of the Old Inn at the End of the Trail, by Dr. Allen Steele.

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