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Wagon Tracks Volume 35, Issue 4 (August 2021)




2 On the Cover: Cheyenne Horse Guard by Ron Kil

4 Insights from your President

5 Joanne’s Jottings

2, 6-11 Trail News

12-16 2021 SFTA Symposium

29-30 Book Reviews: David C. Beyreis, Blood in the Borderlands; Conflict, Kinship, and the Bent Family, 1821-1920. Reviewed by John Porter Bloom. Richard L. Miller, John P. Slough: The Forgotten Civil War General. Reviewed by Leo Oliva. Lee M. Cullimore, To Make a Fortune in Missouri: Meredith Miles Maramduke 1791-1864. Reviewed by Rich Lawson.

31-36 Chapter Reports

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36 Calendar