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Wagon Tracks. Volume 31, Issue 1 (November, 2016)


8 On the Cover: The Historian
8 SFTA Hall of Fame
4 President: As I See It
5 Joanne's Jottings, Logo Contest Announced
6 Trail News
7 Marc Simmons Retires from Writing Career
8 Osage Treaty Line Commemorated
8 SFTA Honors
10 Magoffin Monument Dedicated
11 Archaeology Dig Finds Artifacts at Last Chance Store, by Bob Blasing
16 Letters of Isadore and Henry Douglas 1866-67, Continued, by Joanne VanCoevern
27 Rendezvous Fashion Show
21 SFTA Hall of Fame
22 Mentions of Women of the Santa Fe Trail Listed, by Joanne VanCoevern
28 Student Photo Contest Winners
28 Chapter Reports
32 Calendars

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