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A Message From the President of A.W.S.

May I, as president of the Associated Women Students of the University of New Mexico, wel­come you, the new women students, to the Uni­versity and into our organization.

Upon enrollment you automatically become a member of the Associated Women Students, whose purpose it is, not only to promote school spirit, to broaden social interests, and to provide uniform and individual representation in stu­dent activities, but also to promote a spirit of friendliness and to act as advisers to our new women students. Only by full coöperation of all can these aims be accomplished.

You are probably faced with the problem of engaging in extra-curricular activities. Perhaps you feel that you will not have time for any­thing but your regular course of study. How­ever, we urge that from the beginning you investigate student organizations, and in your first semester choose at least one organization in which you will work conscientiously to be a valuable member. By active participation you will have not only wider knowledge, but also many opportunities for association with your fellow students.

We are sincerely eager to help you in what­ever problems you may encounter. The A. W S. Council extends to you a wish for a happy and profitable university career.

Mary Carmignani, President of A.W.S.

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University of New Mexico




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