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DEMONSTRATING THE STRENGTH OF DIVERSITY A walk around the UNM campus as students change classes demonstrates UNM\'s commitment to diversity. Students and professors from a variety of ethnic backgrounds crowd the sidewalks and fill classrooms. Over the past year UNM moved forward with existing and new programs to interest more minority students, faculty and staff in the University and to aid in their success while here. Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education recently recognized the University\'s endeavors, ranking UNM as one of the best colleges in the nation at graduating Hispanic students. Provost Mary Sue Coleman says diversity contributes to a stimulating environment where faculty and students have different points of view and experiences. "The campus becomes a more intellectually alive place," she says. The efforts to build a diverse campus go hand in hand with the University\'s goals of achieving academic excellence and attracting the "best and brightest." MINORITY ENROLLMENT In the fall of 1994 a total of 32 percent of the student body came from underrepresented groups. The UNM School of Law had the largest number of Native Americans enrolled in any law school in the country.


UNM Annual Reports, 1994-1995, Volumes 1-4


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