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TO THE GOVERNOR OF NEW MEXICO: AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY, I have the honor to submit to you, through the Regents, the report of the University of New Mexico for the academic year, 1960-1961. Although basically this report covers the period from July 1, 1960, to June 30, 1961, it also includes mention of a number of developments since that time-current enrollment statistics, new programs, and other events of general significance in order that it may present a more complete and timely picture of the University's activities. Since this report must be eclectic in nature, the reader is referred, for more complete coverage and further detail, to the various departmental annual reports, on file in the University Library, and other University records of the past year. No attempt is made here to report the normal day-to-day activities of the more than 75 departments and divisions of the complex University structure. Rather, the present document is a sampling of events of general interest in the major areas of operation developments in the instructional program, research and publications, and faculty welfare and student life; activities of the alumni and regents, physical growth of the campus, and financial support. It is hoped, however, that this annual record will show measurable and continuing progress toward our primary responsibility service to the citizens of the State of New Mexico and to the general cause of higher education.


UNM Annual Reports, 1960-1961


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