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"LUX HOMINUM VITA" reads the University of New Mexico medallion that was presented to me at my inauguration as president. Translated "light is the life of man:• our UNM motto bids us to enlighten all who are part of the UNM family- students, faculty, staff, and the community at large. What this means in practice is that together we are called to create an environment that promotes scholarship and learning, research and creativity, health, well being and opportunities to succeed. Building on past efforts at the University, I have begun my tenure as president by putting forth a framework to guide us in making this vision a reality while also using our resources wisely. Student success is the weight-bearing beam in that framework. Everything we do must be anchored by that objective. As we work to provide a university education that is both affordable and accessible, we also commit ourselves to improving retention and graduation rates. Excellence is the cross bar in this structure. We strive to uphold the highest standards of teaching, learning, and scholarly inquiry in all 200 degree programs at UNM. From student study abroad to groundbr9aking research, on every front we aim to realize our fullest and most vibrant potential. The health of our community is the foundation on which we build. Studies show that healthy people are more likely to pursue their educational goals and go on to contribute to their communities as productive citizens. At our burgeoning Health Sciences Center, UNM both trains urgently needed medical professionals and provides top rate healthcare to New Mexicans from all over the state. To mention but two among many examples of what we\'ve accomplished on this challenging front: our rural medicine program is rated number two in the nation and our Cancer Center has been designated by the National Institutes of Health as a regional hub of frontline treatment and research. We are proud of these and other landmark achievements at HSC, but there is still much to be done in the interests of public health and we are committed to doing it. Finally, we intend to use this framework to promote the prosperity and well being of New Mexico. Among our state\'s many natural resources, the principal one is its people. As the flagship institution of higher education in New Mexico, UNM helps develop this priceless resource by educating 48% of NM undergraduates and conferring more than 80% of the state\'s graduate and professional degrees. With the only schools of medicine, law, pharmacy, and architecture in state, UNM offers our most promising youth the chance to fulfill their aspirations right here at home. We also turn out a substantial share of the other degreed professionals who make up the backbone of our local communities- teachers, nurses, counselors, business executives, political leaders, engineers and scientists. Moving beyond our educational mission, UNM\'s affiliated Science and Technology Corporation acts to fuel economic development on a related front. STC@UNM helps the new technologies generated by our faculty and student researchers get to market through start-up companies, many of which are based in New Mexico. The following report shines a light on how my plan has been unfolding in its initial stage. I invite you to read on. David J. Schmidly, President


UNM Annual Reports, 2006-2007, Volumes 1-6


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