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TO THE GOVERNOR OF NEW MEXICO: AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY, I have the honor to submit to you, through the Regents, the report of the University of New Mexico for the academic year, 1959-60. As has been true in reports of recent years, this one includes mention of several of the more interesting developments since June 3oth. In general, the report will attempt to tell you what we have done of general interest and significance in the past year and what we believe are the major challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities in the years ahead. It is gratifying to report that the $8,000,000 bond issue for capital expenditures at ten New Mexico educational institutions was overwhelmingly approved by the voters of the state at the November elections. As this report goes to press, the Board of Educational Finance has just recommended that the University receive $3,140,000 of this amount, some 39 percent of the total, and the State Board of Finance has approved this action. While the University actually enrolls 47 per cent of the total full-time-equivalent number of college students registered in the state's institutions of higher learning, it was explained that additional factors received consideration in apportioning the available funds.


UNM Annual Reports, 1959-1960


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