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The enrollment management division outlined an ambitious set of goals for academic year 2009/2010. Many of the goals have been completed, some are in progress to be completed by the beginning of this fall, and some have been quite challenging to meet. Attached please find our detailed Work Plan that identifies each goal and below is a summary of some of our initiatives. The move to the SSSC building provided us a venue to harmonize our back office operations and it allowed enrollment management staff to move out of working in silos and instead commence with the process of cross-training to assist with whatever tasks were asked of them. We were able to manage the three One-Stop operations successfully, utilizing all of our resources and minimizing costs to the division and the university. Also, for two years in a row, we reduced our operating budget successfully through the use of exceptional managerial persistence in making sure that every dollar that was spent was spent wisely to meet our goals. We anticipate by the end of the fiscal year that we will have saved over $943,000 in salary and operating expenses. This will allow us to address some of our longstanding goals of producing an online catalog, predictive modeling, transfer and international brochures, and upgrade some of our desktop computers.


UNM Annual Reports, 2009-2010, Volumes 1-4


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