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The Elder Abuse Task Force organized in 2005 to address elder abuse in New Mexico tribes and Pueblos. Through many meetings and discussions, the Task Force realized that rather than develop a model code; a process was needed by which the tribes and Pueblos of New Mexico could develop a code specific to a community’s governance, traditions, and values. Since the process may be applied to many different communities, the Task Force hopes that this workbook will be a resource used throughout Indian Country.

The purpose of this workbook is to protect elders from abuse in their communities. This workbook proposes that each community develop a process to address the particular elder protection needs within that community. The result of such a process could be the development of a code or law to address the protection of the community’s elders. However, many steps can be taken to address community issues, and just beginning the dialogue is a very positive step. If a code is not immediately developed, policies can be developed to address elder protection. The sky is the limit, but it is presumed that any journey to the sky will begin on the ground.