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Spring 4-15-2022


Using Elinor Fuchs’ “Visit to a Small Planet” as inspiration, I consider my play Remain in Light as its own small planet, examining theories of world-building, science fiction, and utopian performativity to investigate possible functions of imaginary worlds onstage. In chapter one, I appropriate Fuchs’ script analysis exercise for my own purposes of play development, discovering a world of sensory detail that parallels the characters’ experience in the play. In chapter two, I conceive of the play’s starship as an imaginary world crashing towards this one, its escape a hopeful reflection on the utopian possibilities of alternate worlds. In chapter three, I examine how the play’s characters imagine alternatives to their circumstances while refusing to comply with the rules of their world. In the fourth and final chapter, I consider the play as an incomplete world in terms of my writing process and the inherent incompleteness of theatrical performance scripts.

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Dramatic Writing

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Theatre & Dance

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Dr. Dominika Laster

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Kate Clarke

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Lisa Chavez

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Erik Ehn



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