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Spring 4-21-2022


In the United States there has been many disagreements concerning the place of dance within Protestant Christianity. Some denominations have banned dance entirely while other utilize dance as an essential element of worship. At the center of this argument is the understanding, treatment, and use of the physical body. Beginning in the sixteenth century through current times, I analyze specific Protestant denominations including the Puritans, Evangelical Fundamentalists, Southern Baptists, the Shakers, certain African American denominations, and Pentecostals. Additionally, I examine notable liturgical modern dancers, as well as my own choreographic work, a dance film titled Rebirth. This research displays the importance of having a faith practice that fully utilizes the mind, soul, and body that does not demonize or prioritize one part over the other.

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Theatre & Dance

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Donna Jewell

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Vladimir Reche

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Kathleen Holscher

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Marisol Encinias

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Donna Ray

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Ninoska Escobar


Dance, Christianity, Modern Dance, Religion, United States

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