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This essay articulates the creative process and artistic influences of two plays written by Rebecca M. Sánchez. The plays, Chatterbox and Re: Living are influenced by a variety of artists including Emilio Carballido and Maria Irene Fornes. Chatterbox details the ill fated love of Valentina and Marco. In both linear and memory sequences the audience can view the complexity of obsession, and the role of perception and memory in reality. Re: Living begins and ends with four university professors locked in a campus closet during an active shooter situation. This play address a normalized state of violence and emergency preparedness and compares this aggressive social overtone with small workplace relationships. An exploration of how time and space, character and relationship, and theme operate in each of the plays included. Finally, the essay describes new directions and creative possibilities for the playwright.

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Dramatic Writing

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Theatre & Dance

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Zancanella, Donald

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McDuffie, Matthew

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Hamp, Amanda


Playwriting, Fornes, Chatterbox, Carballido

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