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Dance and film are two distinct mediums of expression. Movement drives both of these art forms and is the commonality that serves as the thread that connects them. These mediums serve as modes of discovery, thinking, and representation. Time and space are shared components between dance and film. Over the past century, there have been many different relationships on and off the stage between the two and as a result of this, new genres like screendance, dance for film, and multimedia performance have emerged. Live dance performance has been strengthened by the possibilities and uses of multimedia elements in real time. After creating the MFA Thesis Concert Cest la Vie Exquisite Corpse that correlates with this dissertation, I was left yearning for more knowledge of the medium and discipline of film. Film expanded the possibilities of time, space, and movement for the choreographic process and the live dance performance. Therefore, I argue that by having a deeper understanding of film, live dance performance can be empowered. Through the experience of creating an evening of live dance integrated with film, I will explain how these two mediums inform each other in process and product. Even though dance and film are independent, deeply rooted historical art forms, having a deeper understanding of the capacity of film presents the opportunity to enhance the performance on stage. This collaboration creates possibilities that lead to further trans-disciplinary discourse and an unlimited creative process.

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Theatre & Dance

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Jewell, Donna

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Santos Newhall, Mary Anne

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Predock-Linnell, Jennifer

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Hamp, Amanda

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Conde Reche, Vladimir

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Gandert, Miguel




Dance, Film, Contemporary Dance, Concert Dance, Movement, Projection, Filmic Elements, Integration, Surrealism, Multimedia, Exquisite Corpse

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