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Community organizing in America is alive and well and being vigorously practiced in the version we call institution- based community organizing.' This national study shows that in the last decade institution- based community organizing has significantly increased its power base as it continues to bridge divides that deeply be- devil American politics—-divides of racial and ethnic identity, religion, socio-economic status, geography, and immigrant-na- tive background. This study details the dynamic expansion of the field over the last decade, outlines the impres- sive 'bridging social capital' it generates, discusses ways it has overcome the strategic limita- tions that previously undermined the field, and identifies some of the ongoing challenges that remain. We argue throughout that institution-based community organizing is poised to be an important strategic partner in the democratic renewal of America.'


Interfaith Funders

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Richard L. Wood, Brad Fulton, and Kathryn Partridge. 2012. Building Bridges, Building Power: Developments in Institution-Based Community Organizing (New York: Interfaith Funders, 2012).'

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Interfaith Funders


institution-based community organizing, faith-based community organizing, congregation-based community organizing, PICO National Network, Industrial Areas Foundation, Gamaliel, religion and politics, religion in social movements, race in social movements, community organizing


uFull-color report on the demographics and organizational profile of the field of institution-based community organizing, drawing on full census of almost 200 IBCO's in the U.S. in 2011 (94% response rate)