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Numerous investigations have reported that normal listeners show a right ear preference for dichotically presented speech stimuli. This preference depends on the fact that the left hemisphere is dominant for speech. Performances of non-language delayed children tend to reveal the expected right-ear advantage, even though inter-subject variability is observed. Language delayed subjects exhibit rather unpredictable performances ranging from a lack of ear preference to a left-ear advantage. The primary purpose of this investigation was to compare the performance of a group of language delayed children with a group of non-language delayed children, on a dichotic CV syllable listening task. The reliability of the dichotic task on test-retest conditions for both groups, and the performance differences of male and female subjects in the non-language delayed group were also examined. Comparisons made on absolute values between the non-language delayed and language delayed subjects revealed no significant differences. Within group comparisons, however, revealed a significant right-ear advantage for non-language delayed subjects on test and retest conditions. Language delayed subjects showed a lack of ear preference for the test condition and a significant right-ear advantage for the retest condition. No significant differences were found between male and female performances in the non-language delayed group, however, females had a tendency to report greater left-ear correct scores on the retest conditions than males. Furthermore, no relationship was found between test and retest performances for language delayed or non-language delayed subjects. The lack of reliability observed in this investigation suggests that any similarities or differences reported between the language delayed and non-language delayed subjects in comparison to other investigations, may be the result of a chance occurrence.

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Speech-Language Pathology

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