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4-H Growing in Zuni to serve the local youth; Restaurant Review: Halona Deli; Zuni Invitational Soap Box Derby; Zuni Chess Open Scheduled; Editorials- Teenage Dropouts and Zunis depending on the youth to take over farming traditions; Language in Zuni; Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise- Zuni Diabetes Prevention Project; Shiwi Messenger Survey; Summer Interns to Run Messenger in the first Messenger Summer Intern Program; Fishing Report; Zuni Invitational Soap Box Derby Ruloes Determined; Francisco's Advice Column

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Twin Buttes High School


Zuni; Zuni Pueblo; Zuni News; Zuni 4-H; Halona Plaza Deli; Diabetes Prevention; Zuni Chess; Saint Anthony's School; Major Market; Twin Buttes High School; Zuni youth; Zuni Language; Zuni Fish and Wildlife Department; Zuni Invitational Soap Box Derby; Zuni Public Library; Zuni Senior Citizens' Center; Higher Education Program; Zuni Teen Wellness Center; Zuni Youth; Family Preservation Program; Zuni Youth Coalition; Zuni High School; Zuni Search and Rescue; Zuni Fair; Southwest Indian Livestock; Zuni Police

The Shiwi Messenger, Vol. 01, No. 10 (1995)