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Zunis Recent Discover with local archeologists of a jawbone of a Mastodon; Information needed for the Hawikuh Exhibit; CellularOne to Launch New VisionOne Program; But for the Grace of God, There Go I- story about a recovered alcoholic; Pueblo of Zuni: 477 Program Congratulates; Twin Buttes High School Principal Retires After 26 Years; Congratulations Keep Up the Good work; Contract Health Services Program; Zuni Tradrmark for Arts and Crafts; Shiwi T'sana Park Project; Contract Awarded for New BIA School in McKnley County; Kids Shout Out! From the students of Zuni Public Schools; They will be 19 forever... story regarding Memorial Day; Catching the Dream; Call for Artist: Eiteljorg Fellowship seek to bring Native American Art to Main Stream; 10th Anniversary Indian Market; Thanking the Great Spirit

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Zuni; Zuni Pueblo; Zuni News; Cultural Resource Enterprise; CellularOne; VisionOne Program; Pueblo of Zuni; Contract Health Services; Twin Buttes High School; Zuni Trademark for Arts and Crafts; Zuni Arts and Crafts Protection Commission; Shiwi T'sana Park Project; Zuni Healthy Lifestyles Program; Zuni Public Schools; Zuni Vietnam Veterans; Native American Art;Eiteljorg Museum India Market; Sherman Alexie; Zuni Senior Citizen's Center; El Morro Area Arts Council

The Shiwi Messenger, Vol. 08, No. 12 (2002)