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The University of New Mexico School of Medicine (UNM SOM) and the University of New Mexico Hospital (UNMH) have long worked together to deliver high quality patient care to the citizens of New Mexico and the surrounding region. One of the key ways that the Department of Radiology has worked to deliver the highest quality care to the patients of UNMH is by establishing a Quality Assurance Committee. The committee is composed of radiologists, technologists, medical physicists and support staff who all lend their expertise to review and help solve any quality assurance issues for the department. This poster is one example of how a team' within the Quality Assurance Committee helped solve an important image quality issue within our department, and improved patient care. This project is an example of how to form a team (triad) comprised of radiologists, technologists, and physicists to utilize post-processing techniques in digital radiography (DR) in order to optimize image acquisition and improve image quality.'


Presented at the AAPM 58th Annual Meeting & Exhibition Washington, DC