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The purpose of this study was to revise and simplify a new and involved test of musical preference. The Keston Music Preference Test in its original form consisted of sixteen phonograph record discs, or thirty-two sides in all. It took approximately three hours to administer, and the grading procedure was extremely complex and time consuming. However, in spite of these difficulties, the test has demonstrated its usefulness in measuring musical discrimination, or musical sophistication among high school students and college students. It seemed highly desirable, therefore, to reduce the length of the test and to simplify the grading system of the test without impairing or reducing the discriminating power of the test. This experiment was carried out, therefore, with the expectation that the original Keston Music Preference Test could be simplified and improved without sacrificing the power of the test to discriminate among individuals.

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Morton J. Keston

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George Maxwell Peterson

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Robert Fellows Utter

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