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Statement of the problem. Peterson and Fracoral (1938) studied Localization of the handedness area in ambidextrous rate by the technique of the thermocautery destruction. By this process they were able to locate a small area for handedness, situated at approximately 250 microns posterior to the genu of the corpus callosum and lying directly over the caudate nucleus. Destruction of this area produced transfers of handedness in their rats.

However, this method of locating a specific structural area by finding a common area for a group of animals is at best relatively crude because of the variation in individual animals.

The research to be reported here attempted to determine whether electrical stimulation of the motor cortex in the rat could be used to locate the handedness area more accurately than was found in the research mentioned above.The need for a refined method of localization is great, inasmuch as the common area for handedness in large group of rats shrinks away to nothing because of individual variations in the location of the area.

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