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Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is a set of procedures, methods and tools that estimate the effects of a policy, program or project on the health of a population. Ideally an HIA is conducted before the policy, program or project is implemented so that findings and recommendations can influence decision-making. An HIA can take a variety of different forms ranging from a “rapid” HIA that is written based on existing data and published literature to an HIA that could require months to complete and where local data is collected and analyzed to inform recommendations. The result of an HIA is evidence-based recommendations that highlight practical ways to enhance positive impacts of a proposal and minimize negative impacts on health. This HIA is a “rapid” HIA based on existing data and on research information gathered from peer reviewed published literature.


This HIA provides information on how the design of U.S. Highway 550 (U.S 550) could impact the health and safety of Cuba area residents and visitors. Specifically, information is provided on the topics of highway design and pedestrian safety, physical activity, social connections and community economics.



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