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The purpose of this workshop was to provide an opportunity for community members and topic area experts to join together and assess the walking and activity opportunities in the community and to provide recommendations for ways to make the community an easier and safer place to be physically active. Fortyfive individuals attended the walkability workshop and learned about creative solutions other communities have used to: solve traffic and pedestrian challenges; design trails for people of all abilities; increase safety of walking routes to school; and make park improvements for increased physical activity.


The agencies and coalitions listed below collaborated to organize the Cuba Trails, Park and Walkability Workshop held May 28, 2009 at the Eichwald Center in Cuba, NM. We would like to thank all community members and local and state agency representatives who participated and provided their valuable input into the process of addressing issues of walkability and increased places to walk and recreate in the Village.

We are especially grateful for the support of Mayor Richard Velarde, the members of the Village Council and Ms. Vandora Casados, Village Clerk and Treasurer.



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