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Fall 2012


During the summer and fall of 2012 a brief assessment was conducted which examined the pedestrian network of the Village of Cuba, NM, and surrounding area. This assessment was undertaken in order to assist the efforts of Dr. Richard Kozoll and Step into Cuba, a community program that promotes healthy physical activity in a variety of ways in the Village of Cuba and surrounding area (for more about Step into Cuba visit This assessment was funded by the University of New Mexico’s Prevention Research Center.

The basic goal of the assessment was to provide a comprehensive view of the Village’s pedestrian network—sidewalks, roads, and walking/hiking/multi-use trails—and to look for ways the network might be bolstered so that residents of Cuba might have a safer and better connected walking environment within the Village as well as easier access to walking/hiking trails in the nearby area.

The assessment was conducted first by evaluating the existing conditions of the Village’s pedestrian network and researching the current status of identified enhancement projects. Second, the existing conditions of the pedestrian network were mapped, as were changes to the network conditions should the identified enhancements be implemented. Finally, the maps of existing conditions and identified enhancements were used to identify areas where further enhancements would improve the connectivity of the pedestrian network. The document is organized by the following sections: Existing Conditions, Enhancements in Process, and Recommended Enhancements.



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