The National SAFE KIDS Campaign Child Safety Seat Distribution Program: A Strategy for Reaching Low-Income, Underserved, and Culturally Diverse Populations

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This is a descriptive study to evaluate the process of establishing a child safety seat (CSS) distribution and training program for low-income, underserved, and culturally diverse children of CSS age and their parents or caregivers. National organizations serving the target population partnered with organizations proficient in motor vehicle occupant injury prevention to distribute CSSs at distribution sites nationwide. To ensure standardized recipient education, CSS training was provided to partner affiliate representatives. National CSS distribution programs involving partnerships with injury prevention specialists and national organizations already working with the target population can effectively reach low-income, underserved, and culturally diverse persons. Networking in local communities to identify and reach the target population is valuable. Maintaining good communications and standardized education and information is essential. The experience of this program can contribute to the success of future CSS distribution programs.