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The present Indian population of the United States is about 500,000. This figure is to be found in no report of which the author is aware, but is the figure given him by an Indian Office official as that which approximates the total of both Indians registered with that office and of those not on their rolls. According to an estimate of the Indian office, based on its records, the states of Arizona and New Mexico had Indian populations of 56,573 and 43,904 as of January 1, 1946. These figures have undoubtedly increased in the interim, as the Indians constitute one of the most rapidly increasing racial groups in our population. The Navajos, for example, are increasing at a rate of 2.48 percent per year, which is about twice the rate of the white population. It appears safe to assume that these two states contain from one-fifth to one-quarter of all the Indians in the United States. It is this portion of the Indian population with which this paper deals, for it is only in these two states that Indians are denied the vote.

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