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The military arm of the government of the state of New Mexico has been employed in three strikes and one possible potential strike danger zone since the year of 1912 when New Mexico became a state. The strikes were in the coal fields of McKinley and Colfax Counties in 1919; and the coal fields of McKinley County in 1922 and 1933. The possibly potential strike danger zone was Colfax County in 1927.

This thesis is devoted to a study of those four labor disputes. Each dispute is treated in a separate chapter, but the procedure used has been the same in each case. First, a background of each strike has been laid to determine the causes of it; secondly, an attempt has been made to discover the reasons for the sending of troops; thirdly, the public reaction to the troops and the events while the troops were on active service has been described; and, fourth, the consequences of the presence of the troops have been pointed out.

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