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Summer 8-8-1949


New Mexico has had the permanent registration law on its statute books for the past ten years. An inventory of the law and its administration clearly shows that the system established is a marked improvement over the faulty system that is supplanted.

From the facts developed by this study the writer has no hesitancy in saying that certain conditions connected with the registration machinery are not statuary and conductive to good government.

The most serious defects are: (a) cancellation and purging of voting lists are being neglected; (b) registration officers are not clothed with the authority to use all the reliable means in their discretion to correct the registration lists; (c) identification of the voter at polls is insufficient; (d) allowing elector to register before any notary public.

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Political Science

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Political Science

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Charles Gudah

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Benjamin Sacks

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Floyd A. Cove




New Mexico State Legislation, Permanent Registration Law of 1939, Voter Registration Laws

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