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Summer 8-28-1940


The district attorney is one of the most important law enforcement officials in New Mexico because the laws he enforces touch upon every phase and life of the community. The purpose of this study has been to determine the function and powers of the district attorney, and how they are administered, as well as the organization of the district attorney's office.

Material for this study was obtained from the laws passed by the legislature of New Mexico, leading writers on the subject, civil and criminal dockets of Bernalillo and Sandoval counties, interviews with an assistant district attorney, district clerk, and a member of the county's treasurer's staff, and personal opinions expressed in letters written by two well known Albuquerque lawyers.

Then, the civil and criminal dockets of the Second Judicial District were examined and a comparison made between the cases which the district attorney was supposed to prosecute and those he actually prosecuted.

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Political Science

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Political Science

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Thomas C. Donnelly

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Marion Dargar




New Mexico Second Judicial Court, New Mexico Constitution, Legal Theory, New Mexico District Attorney

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