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Fall 12-17-2018


This project asks: whom do representatives seek to represent and how do they do it? Specifically, I seek to understand how marginalized state legislators define the concept of “constituency” and the implications for their legislative behavior. I argue that marginalization affects legislators through two avenues: socially through their identity, and institutionally through the proportion their identity group holds in the state legislature. I argue that when legislators are marginalized their awareness of identity and identity-based issue needs are prioritized and they will come to define group members as a salient identity constituency. Furthermore, they will seek to represent this salient identity constituency through legislative behavior because of a moral obligation to group members. Such a perception of constituency has implications for their hill and home style legislative behavior and affects their legislative preferences as well as their constituency activities at “home”. I argue that their conceptualization of home extends beyond traditional definitions that tend to be restricted to the geographical boundaries of the viii district, to include women and minorities more broadly. I also show that representing both their district and a salient identity constituency results in additive pressures on their legislative activities. I examine the implications of the salient identity constituency theory through their legislative activities with constituents, their workload, and their committee memberships. Methodologically, I employ a multi-methods approach using three different data sources. The data come from face-to-face interviews with state legislators, an original survey of state legislators, and an aggregate data set of state legislators’ committee assignments from 14 states for three time points.

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Political Science

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Political Science

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Atkeson, Lonna

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Sierra, Christine

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Rocca, Michael

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Maestas, Cherie

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University of New Mexico Graduate and Professional Student Association, University of New Mexico Department of Political Science




legislative politics, race and ethnicity politics, representation, women and politics, US state legislatures

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