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I first became interested in radiation transport theory when, in August 1966, I was given primary responsibility for a large computer program which serves as a tool for solving high temperature, time dependent, radiation-hydrodynamics problems. Inquiries as to where to start learning about this subject invariably resulted in my being directed to the two books by Chandrasekhar (1957 and 1960) and the book by Kourganoff (1963). From the beginning of my study of these expositions, I found it rather curious that a theory which treated the radiation field as continuously distributed in space was formulated in a manner which appeared to be so different from the approaches I had been exposed to in continuum model treatments of Electricity and Magnetism, and Fluid Dynamics. Furthermore, I could not find any books or treatises which developed the theory for time dependent radiation fields; they were all oriented towards steady state or quasi-steady state applications. I was able to find only one technical report which dealt with the non-steady problem, but the authors did not develop the fundamental equation from first principles; they simply began their discussion with the quasi-steady state equation, modified by a partial derivative with respect to time term.

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